Waheeeyyy!! It's finally here! Special guests: Mr.Fab, LV15, Rita Says, Mark Stringer and that Shed bloke who's always hanging around. Download HERE or from the link below the show programme (right-click and "save as")
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Show Programme: 1. beat caroline – the who boys 2. icebergs 3. wonder tribulations – merckx 4. the landlord 5. summergabba (unfinished excerpt) – pilchard 6. gifts from brain whoboy 7. Kelly watch the hole – ccc & ill chemist 8. Sheddy and LV15 arrive 9. with a little glam – ccc & ill chemist 10. wotsisname & the cunts? del Shannon & the particulars? 11. stevie wonder vs wired all wrong – aggro1 12. brian whoboy in the usa 13. coming to get bloodstains – RIAA (yeeey! Mr fab mashes up the whoboys! 14. brian whoboy’s list of words he can’t use back in America – impromptu singsong!!! 15. duckrog – von sudenfed 16. interview with mr fab (RIAA)!!!!!! 17. revelation fever – RIAA 18. fabbo! Eh! (only joking) 19. john the revelator – the who boys 20. the attempted mugging of john shed (well, would YOU try it???) 21. duckrog – von sudenfed 22. the return of the who boys: a ‘serious’ mugging – what would a ‘frivolous’ mugging be like? 23. I feel free in Scandinavia – piouaille 24. can’t we just be friends? Reaching out for peace…rita says and mark stringer arrive…rita says’s horrible experience 25. the nation needs you – the Cuban boys (thanks tim!) 26. a little chat with mark stringer 27. rocket mon in dub – dj lobsterdust 28. a word with junko whoboy / sheddycab 29. jbak lois lane – von sudenfed 30. the diet of rita says / smoked salmon and caviar after a bender / Saturday night debate - painting versus sculpture / fuck this let’s go to the pub 31. harry carpenter - pilchard 32. CovCast 33. the danger of rock n roll – the who boys 34. a quick interjection from giles whoboy 35. phone message from spike pilchard 36. zoom lens voyeur (obscure rarity) – the who boys 37. eating pizza 38. cracked pepper – ccc & ill chemist 39. goodnight 40. it’s far too late – ccc & ill chemist 41. black dog (spoken) – the who boys ----------------------------------------------------- Tell us what you think with a comment or at our Shout Out page! The Who Boys website The Who Boys Mashup MySpace site The Who Boys Originals MySpace site Don't see your podcatcher on the right? Go to our Feedburner site to subscribe.